7.2.2 Resources Managed by the WheelCoin Foundation

75% of WheelCoin NFT revenues will be kept by the DAO treasury, while 25% will be allocated to the app developer. The WheelCoin DAO will retain the ability to replace the app developer or authorize other apps to integrate in the Ecosystem, by implementing the WheelCoin gaming mechanics and $WHL utility token, as well as decide in what percentage each app developer receives revenues from WheelCoin. The DAO has all the governance rights over the Ecosystem Fund, and the sole authority to allocate the treasury to support the growth of the ecosystem.

In the future it is expected that the WheelCoin Foundation will govern future decisions such as whether or not anonymized user data (in line with GDPR standards) could be sold, for what purposes and with what distribution to the community. This of course would require opt-in from users, but represents another example of the potential directions for the WheelCoin Foundation. Similarly questions regarding under what context, and with what restrictions, can third parties deploy and emit WheelCoin inside their own applications.

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