7.1 WheelCoin ($WHL) Emissions

$WHL is a supply-uncapped token based on a fair launch model. There will be no presale or public sale: $WHL will be earned exclusively by users from eligible green mobility choices.

New users will start the game without the ability to earn WheelCoin credits until they have acquired their first NFT. Once users have obtained their first vehicle NFT they will start earning $WHL.

Vehicle NFTs will allow users to earn $WHL while moving, up to a maximum amount (cap) defined by the active NFT. There will be no advantage to holding many NFTs, as their earning potential will not be additive. Vehicles will be stacked to combine their caps, which makes it easier to hit the cap without reaching the cap of each individual vehicle separately, but does not result in earning $WHL at a higher rate.

$WHL earnings are tied to carbon emissions avoided by choosing green mobility options compared with the emissions that the player would have generated if s/he had chosen a normal combustion engine car for that journey, as measured by the WheelCoin app in the users’ cellphones.

Users will be able to trade $WHL freely on the blockchain. Trading activity is of course neutral when it comes to the token supply, although .

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