3.2 Subscriptions

While WheelCoin will always have a free-to-play feature, users can now pay for a monthly subscription which brings extra benefits.

Many users have requested ways to be able to earn more so they can acquire more digital collectibles or access more of the growing number of discounts being made available to our community.

There are 2 ways currently increase your buying power within the app. The first is to acquire NFTs and connect them to WheelCoin via your Valora or Metamask wallet. This increases your daily earning cap and is useful if you freqently could earn more WHL if yoru cap was higher

The second way to increase your buying power is to join our premium subscription service which can be purchased in the app. We currently have 3 subscriptions: 2x, 5x or 10x. Subscriptions generate Wheelies (a type of off-chain credit for in-app purchases) as a multiple of the WHL you earn from moving green. Thus if you earn 2 WHL in a day and have a 2x subscription, you will receive 4 Wheelies. If you have the 5x you will earn 10 wheelies and i fyou have the 10x subscription you will earn 20 Wheelies for earning just 2 WHL.

The 5x and 10x subscriptions also have the benefit of keeping your NFTs updated, therefore they do not degrade the earning boost as long as your subscription remains active.

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