4.2 Digital Collectibles

Technically digital collectibles are also NFTs, digital assets owned by the user. WheelCoin digital collectibles are obtained by burning WHL (or Wheelies) inside the app and opening the surprise box which results in a random collectible from the current collection(s).

The first digital collectibles collection contained 100 thumbnail sized collectibles celebrating transit stations in 20 cities from the 10 countries with the most active WheelCoin user base.

Note: Users who have acquired 100% of the first collection will be eligible for additional rewards including increase in the allocation of $WFT, the WheelCoin governance token.

The minting of these collectibles will cease as soon as the functionality to transfer collectibles to your wallet is live (projected to be by the end of June, 2023).

At that stage the next digital collectible collection will be released. More info regarding the size and scope of this collection will be shared in Discord and social media however we can confirm the rumors that the new collection is developed leveraging artifiical intelligence, and instead of celebrating transit stops, we will be highlighting points of interest (POIs) in cities around the globe.

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