1. Overview

WheelCoin is a new Move2Earn (M2E) ecosystem that rewards users for making green mobility choices on a regular basis. WheelCoin emerges during an explosion of other M2E projects that reward walking, running or exercise - with a fresh new approach. Unlike the other M2E games which reward people for walking, WheelCoin instead rewards users for embracing green mobility choices. WheelCoin senses if the user is walking, on a bike, on a train, metro or bus, on a ferry, in a car or even on a plane. The amount of estimated emission reductions in comparison to a car journey will be converted to WheelCoin tokens. WheelCoin has a free2play onboarding model that reduces friction to new users. The beta version of WheelCoin was released to our OG community on October 1st, 2022. For the first several months all digital assets for WheelCoin were off-chain and contained entirely within the app. All current and future digital assets associated with WheelCoin are being deployed on the Celo carbon negative, EVM compatible, mobile first blockchain. The rewards token $WHL can be burned for discounts and other rewards related to mobility services, sustainability, or other perks of interest to the community such as digital collectibles. Of course, users own all digital assets they have earned and will be able to transfer the assets to their wallet (currently Valora or Metamask) to buy, sell and trade freely in the market. WheelCoin will be governed, and in fact owned, by the WheelCoin Foundation, a DAO governed by the holders of a token called WheelCoin Foundation Token ($WFT). A percentage of the total supply of $WFT will be reserved to be distributed among participants in the WheelCoin game, so that the DAO is owned by the community of users as well. The WheelCoin model is uniquely decentralized, fair and sustainable compared to existing Move2Earn projects. We invite you to join us at https://wheelco.in.

In Q2 of 2023, the Iomob team building WheelCoin entered into and announced a strategic partnership with Celo, a mobile-first, EVM compatible, carbon negative blockchain. Since then the partnership has grown from example, cohosting the Celo Ultragreen Move-a-Thon during the week of Earth Day. Many more collaborations are expected in the coming quarters and years. It is expected that WheelCoin will eventually be multi-chain.

While WheelCoin users are not required to learn about wallets or crypto to gain value from using WheelCoin, there are benefits for learning about and connecting wallets to WheelCoin. As of May 2023 WheelCoin already supports Valora, the native wallet for the Celo ecosystem and Metamask.

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