6.2 WheelCoin for Cities

WheelCoin is a ReFi (regenerative finance) project designed to accelerate the path to the low carbon economy by gamifying user journeys around the globe.

The negative impacts of climate change are felt by all of us everywhere, yet cities are at the front line of the challenges and the solutions to climate change.

WheelCoin for Cities is a program whereby we partner with forward-thinking cities to promote the adoption of WheelCoin for residents and visitors. in most cases, participating cities agree to:

a) promote WheelCoin in their transit services and other avenues to get more residents and visitors to use WheelCoin and join the ReFi revolution b) colllaborate in the launch of digital collectibles related to their city c) offer discounts on public transit for burning $WHL, create competitions, support local leaderboards and offering additional rewards for engaged green users

The Skane region of Sweden, which consists of several cities including Malmo, Helsinborg and Lund (all 3 are amongst the EU Net Zero Cities initiative) is our first WheelCion for Cities partner which will start promoting the partnership in Q2 2023.

Santiago, Chile is the next WheelCoin for City partner which will also initiate the promotional campaign in Q2 of 2023.

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