10.0 Disclaimers

This whitepaper contains the second published version of the detailed game mechanics of WheelCoin, the world’s first move2earn app for green mobility. By combining the social incentives of green mobility in a player controlled web3 economy, we aim to build an experience that empowers anyone to create value by investing in our planet.Wheelcoin is designed to harness that force and use it to encourage and reward players for using sustainable and green mobility. Doing something we all know we should be doing, but oftentimes life gets in the way.Sustainability and enjoyment have been the guiding principles of our game design process, the same ones we believe are fundamental to pursuing a greener lifestyle. Every mechanic design decision was made with these principles–and the long-term interests of the community and its supporters–in mind.

The information contained in this paper represent the current holistic plans and aspirations for WheelCoin. However, the design team acknowledges that adjustments will have to be made, perhaps on a regular basis and in line with community sentiment or unexpected catalysts. Ultimately, the right to vote on such decisions will belong to the holders of the governance token $WFT.

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