6.3 WheelCoin for Business

Small, medium and large companies around the globe are increasingly concerned about their own carbon footrpint. Those that are committed to voluntarily reporting their carbon footprint-or who are required by law to do so-have been struggling to find a way to address the carbon emissions from their employee mobility and business travel.

It may surprise some to learn that for many companies, the largest source of carbon emissions is actually from these Scope 3 employee commuting activity. Yet how many emissions are created from this activity has been been a black box for companies. To date, companies are conducting annual surveys (yes, we know how old-school!) to get a sense of this data with questions like:

-During the last 12 months, how frequently did you come to the office; -What % of your trips to the office and home were conducted by car vs train vs bike, etc.

So WheelCoin for Business is a program that allows the employer to obtain anonymized emissions data from their employes that sign up while gamifying greener choices by their employees and even, like WheelCoin for Cities, promote leaderboards contests and prizes for the greenest employee of the month.

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