1. Overview

WheelCoin is a new Move2Earn (M2E) ecosystem that rewards users for making green mobility choices on a regular basis. WheelCoin emerges during an explosion of other M2E projects that reward walking, running or exercise - with a fresh new approach. Unlike the other M2E games which reward people for walking, WheelCoin instead rewards users for embracing green mobility choices. WheelCoin senses if the user is on a train, metro, bike/scooter or walking. The amount of estimated emission reductions in comparison to a car journey will be converted to WheelCoin tokens. WheelCoin has a free2play onboarding model that reduces friction to new users. While moving, users also earn materials which can be used to create vehicle NFTs that raise the number of WheelCoin they can earn per day. As of this writing, a beta launch is already in progress. During this phase, the NFT creation mechanics are not yet implemented, but users which expressed early interest, were able to join the beta and are already accruing WheelCoins. After the initial beta phase, upcoming releases will progressively enable the mechanics for users to mint NFTs and improve them; they will be able to move their assets, both WheelCoin and NFTs, to external wallets, so they can freely trade them. The most important update to WheelCoin will be the introduction of real bookings of mobility services via the Internet of Mobility (IoM), which has already been built by the company behind this initiative. WheelCoins will also provide discounts and other rewards related to mobility services, sustainability, or other perks of interest to the community. WheelCoin will be governed, and in fact owned, by the WheelCoin Foundation, a DAO governed by the holders of a token called WheelCoin Foundation Token ($WFT). A percentage of the total supply of $WFT will be reserved to be distributed among participants in the WheelCoin game, so that the DAO is owned by the community of users as well. The WheelCoin model is uniquely decentralized, fair and sustainable compared to existing Move2Earn projects. We invite you to join us at https://wheelco.in.
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